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Other times, it means letting her talk, then asking good questions, and. By the end of the book, he concluded that he needed to move slowly and that the best way to hug a porcupine is this. Lund and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. The book over emphasizes how destructive criticism can be may be a personal perspective, but if you patiently plow through the repetition, you are richly rewarded with. Hugging a porcupine calm child abuse listening mediation. The third book in the general mills spoonful of stories series can you imagine hugging a porcupine. How to hug a teenage porcupine 9781591565963 by dr. Each night, before settling down to sleep, all of porcupines forest friends hug each other goodnight. Best of all, if after reading an e book, you buy a paper version of how do you hug a porcupine read the book on paper it is quite a powerful experience. The little boy who stars in this funny story knows just how to snuggle with kitties, bunnies, and even cows, but he cant figure out how to approach the prickly porcupine.

After seeing all his friends hug their favorite animals, one brave boy works up the courage to hug a porcupine, but the porcupine isnt so sure he wants to be hugged. Dealing with toxic and difficult to love personalities by dr john lund. Sure, its easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy goat, but. Buy this book isop, winner of the cheerios new author contest, makes a. The book has really great insights how to be with a porcupine in such a way that you dont take on his her stress and upset as your own and yet at the same how support and help that person. Easy ways to love the difficult people in your life little book. By laurie isop is about a boy who sees his friends hugging their animals and tries to figure out throughout the book how to hug his porcupine. After trying different ways to go about hugging the porcupine he found you hug a porcupine carefully. After showing off his hugging prowess in various settings and on myriad subjects, the boy encounters a porcupine who seems to anticipate being the exception. How to hug a porcupine by penguin random house canada.

Three books to help teach how to hug aubrey hargis. Josh reflects on the necessity of supporting your spouse even when it gets prickly and the role of divine love in our relationships. Easy ways to love difficult people in your life, explains that making peace with others isnt as tough or terrible as. Lund spends several chapters on how to deal with criticism, mostly when someone else is very critical of you, but he also has a chapter for the one who is. No hugs for porcupine by zoe waring, hardcover barnes. When you think of the individual, the image of a porcupine comes to mind. For more ideas for loving others even the hardtolove, preorder your copy of karen ehmans newest book listen, love, repeat. Hug the porcupine with your ears listening to your porcupine carefully is an important way to let them experience your unconditional love in action. They say you have to trust your children and give them freedom. When you preorder your copy through proverbs 31, you will receive two free audio chapters of the book, read by karen, and support the work of the ministry. See all 7 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Three easy ways to end an argument how to spot the porcupine in others how to spot the porcupine in ourselves with a foreword by noted psychotherapist dr.

The book spends a large amount of time in identifying the characteristics of emotional porcupines. But with such prickly spikes, will she ever get the cuddle she craves. Its easy to picture hugging a bunny, or even a billy goatbut how would you even begin to try to hug a porcupine. I read that book how to hug a porcupine by julie ross its my parenting bible. Children could come up with their own animal to hug and catchy rhyming words to make their own story.

Eventually he works up the courage to hug a porcupinebut the porcupine isnt so sure he wants to be hugged. See more ideas about animals, liz climo comics and funny animal comics. He knows pigs need extrabig hugs, while baby chicks need sweet and kind hugs, but can he figure out a. The story is full of repetition, rhymes, and colorful artwork that any child would enjoy. How to love the difficult people in your lifemost of us know. If you have a choice of selling shoes to ladies or giving birth to a flaming porcupine. If my wife, susan has a porcupine moment, sometimes i just need to be patient, through a good vent, without saying a word. The answer turns out to be just exactly the gentle mindset you want to encourage in your child. The little boy really wants to know how to hug a porcupine and comes up with a funny resolution in the end. It might be a family member, neighbor, coworker or fellow church member.

We need to love our spouses, children, siblings, parents, friends, neighbors even when they are prickly porcupines. Albert ellis, how to hug a porcupine is a truly special book. Hugging a porcupine jody noland leave nothing unsaid. Charming and full of love, this rhyme is illustrated with a delightful variety of animals, all eager for hugs and cuddles. Embrace what makes you unique and encourage compassionate friendships with porcupine and armadillo in this delightful picture book that makes a great gift for valentines day or for any day when a hug or kiss is needed. It was enough to know that difficult relationships are so common in this world that someone wrote a book about it. And, may i add, hugging prickly prodigals takes a heart full of holyspiritlove. Lund teaches us that the objective is to stay in control of oneself and define our own lives as good people rather than being defined by the toxic. But, god loves us even when we are the prickly porcupine. I used to read parenting books when my kids were little. It was enough to know that im not the only person who struggles with porcupines. Lund is in the room with you as he reads how to hug a porcupine, his book about how to deal with the toxic people we will all invariably encounter in our lives. Negotiating the prickly points of the tween years paperback july 23 2008 by julie a. If a kid walks through the doors of our public school, we should see them, listen to them, push them, care for.

Be encouraged and grow your faith with daily and weekly devotionals. I felt, for some strange reason, that all i needed at the time was the title of the book. Hug machine is a book about a young boy who hugs anyone and anything he sees, including adults, crying infants, mailboxes, snakes and giant whales. This book is about a boy that hugs all the different animal but runs into a problem when trying to hug a porcupine. Lund dispenses his unparalleled wisdom on how to deal with these people without letting their toxicity define us. His prior book the art of giving and receiving criticism, contained some of the information in this current book, but how to hug a porcupine is better organized and more concise. Childrens book author marilyn singer earned a ba in english from queens college, city university of new york, and an ma in communications from new york university. After seeing all his friends hug their favorite animals, one brave boy must grapple with this very question. Does the electronic version of the book completely replace the paper version. I need a hug by aaron blabey kids books read aloud. John lund likes to remind people that they either married their biggest test in life or they gave birth to it. In hugging or helping them you may get hurt in the process. Sure, its easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy goat, but where would you begin to try to hug a. How to hug a teenage porcupine book free online reading books for 10 year olds, how to hug a teenage porcupine.

I just wish that hugging the porcupines in my life could be such a simple and cute adventure. After seeing all his friends hug their favorite animals. The surprise ending to this humorous tale, complete. This is a great book for younger readers trying to learn rhyming. With armadillos assistance, porcupine converts the entire forest from huggers to smoochers. Girlfriends in god january 1, 2015 from girlfriends in god.

Sure, its easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy goat, but where would you begin to try to hug a porcupine. This simple story follows a child imagining how to hug different animals but perplexed when it comes to hugging such a prickly creature. The third book in the general mills spoonful of stories series. Sure, its easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy. But they are ours, and hugging porcupines is occasionally the most important part of our job. When children are in our schools, they are our kids. Whether they are a spouse, boss, child or inlaw, dr. This excellent book lets parents peek into the underlying, confusing thoughts and perplexing decisions that young tweens are constantly facing. This allnew, threepart seminar is designed to help parents get past the test of raising teenagers. Different working styles and different ways of coping with stress can lead to tension in a marriage. Poor porcupine just cannot be huggedhis quills are too spikey. For another, hugging or touching a wild animal can be dangerous for the hugged hugging a porcupine would dislodge many quills and reduce its defenses against predators.

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