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To copy a partition in gparted, start by locating the drive you want to work with aka the source hard drive. Use gparted windows 10 alternative to migrate os to ssdhdd. Once you have the data cloned, you can break the mirror, and specify that you want lvm to look at the new drive vs. The application is carefully tested and is used by the gparted project team. Then i used gparted to create ext4 partitions and installed ubuntu. For instance, you can clone ssd to hdd in windows 10, back up hard drive without booting windows, transfer everything from c drive to ssd, create bootable. Is it possible to use clonezilla to clone larger disk to smaller disk.

Clone hard drive to new smaller hd ssd without losing anything. Quickest way to clone windows and windows server disk. The following is a simple method to clone a windows disk quickly without all the messing around with boot sector. I will demonstrate it on virtual box, any time i add or remove. So, since you cannot clone a larger partition onto a smaller partition, the only thing you could do is to first reduce the size of your source partition to a size smaller or equal to that of your target partition with something like gparted which is aware of the filesystem specifics, such that you do not lose data. From that drive select that partition that will serve as the source and click the copy button. In this excerpt well use as an example a windows system installed on a hard disk with multiple. Aomei partition assistant is allaround and clean software with no bundled adware. Resize the partition using gparted and clone the partition using clonezilla, which is in my opinion the best hard drive cloning software. How to clone large hdd to smaller ssd successfully free.

Connect new ssd with pc or laptop, launch easeus system clone software easeus todo backup. Easily clone larger drive to smaller drive right now. Aomei backupper standard, a free backup, restore and clone software for windows 1087, allows you to clone hard drive to another one within a few clicks. Find another powerful tool to replace gparted in windows 10 make disk management easier. Solved easiest way to clone a disk to a smaller hard drive. Paste the copy of the partition to the unpartitioned area. Oct 22, 2019 clone drive to smaller one via trusted drive cloning software. Make sure that you have a 1 gb or larger usb thumb drive for gparted. How do i clone an lvm ext3 partition to a smaller drive. Clone hard drive to new smaller hd ssd without losing. Boot your pc to usb drive and select gparted select drive1 upperright corner of gparteds window rightclick drive 1s largest partition and select resize if drive2 is 128gb, resize drive1 to, say, 100gb. You are able to migrate os from one ssd to another with above steps as well. Oct 02, 2010 resize the partition using gparted and clone the partition using clonezilla, which is in my opinion the best hard drive cloning software available.

May, 2020 it is quite easy to clone larger drive to smaller ssd on the condition that you choose the right cloning tool. Its kind of a long post, but believe me you can do this in less than 2030 minutes prerequisites buy an ssd. What is the difference between partition editing software and partition. If need be, reformat the usb drive make sure that you use a fat or fat32 partition. Using clonezilla to clone from a larger hard drive to a. Using the menu in the upper righthand corner of the gparted tool, find the drive you wish to copy from and select it in the menu to go to it in the app. Except for cloning, aomei backupper actually has many other helpful features. Recently, during a series of experiments which involved a 500 gb ssd solid state drives and debian linux, i had to physically clone the ssd to a larger mechanical 1 tb hdd. Clonezilla is arguably the best disk cloning software for linux and offers a plethora of. It runs on most x86 machines with a celeron 500mhz or better. Click on the top right drop down and see the list of. It provides an option to adjust os partition in target hard disk and a note.

Cloning larger drive to smaller drive tech support guy. How to clone windows to a smaller ssd with clonezilla h there, i am replacing a win7 hard drive with a ssd one, due to the cost and useage i purchased a smaller size ssd, so i need to first shrink the partition of the original drive in order to fit in. But when it comes to cloning to smaller drive, you need to choose hard drive cloning software. Dec 31, 2012 as i had only ntfs partitions on the hdd, i used the clone function, which copies and resizes all the partitions. How to clone windows to a smaller ssd with clonezilla. Proper alignment of your ssd using gparted open source software. In a nutshell, this method will involve resizing the partition of the original hard drive using gparted, then running a filesystem check on the resized partition and using clonezilla to copy the. How do i restore a backup image to a smaller drive. Im not a linux expert, just want to cloon my linux ubuntu lucid server to other identical pcs,but with smaller harddisk sizes. In this guide i will show you how to copy a windows partition onto a small drive. Hopefully, there are freeware, shareware or even trialware tools that will do it, but i cant say.

This feature is powerful to transfer all disk data to another hard drive. However, clonezilla is a similar disk imaging program, which does. Dec 17, 2018 this video shows you how to migrate your laptop or pc hard drive to faster ssd smaller capacity than hdd without reinstalling os. Clone a bootable pendrive onto a smaller flash drive. Jan 04, 2014 the trick is to clone the existing drive using a nifty tool called gparted. It can load the last gparted livecd or clonezilla to backup file system localy or through the network. Although gparted claims to be able to clone partition to another hard drive, sometimes it fails especially when cloning partition to smaller disk. Any ssd will make a pc fly compared to a mechanical drive. If you need to migrate your data or are looking to keep a backup handy, you can clone your hard drive. Clonezilla clone larger disk to smaller disk workaround. I prefer gparted because it is visual and let me see the drives and partitions. Proper alignment of your ssd using gparted open source. Gparted will do the job for you, provided that the filesystem supports shrinking. If you have existing data on the usb drive, make sure that you make a backup copy of the data.

Mar 31, 2020 minitool shadowmaker enables you to clone a hard drive which can be system disk and data disk to smaller ssd. Thats important otherwise youll screw up the partition table when copying the disks. How to moveclone your windows on to a smaller ssd drive. A disk clone to a smaller disk is a problem if the partition table uses any of the. Jan 17, 2020 hi, leo, i recently broke my hard drive. Thankfully gparted can do that for almost any file system, even with ntfs. With macrium i was able to create an image of the drive, resize the main partition to match the size of the new drive and then restored that image to the new smaller ssd. Oct 23, 2018 cloning a drive to a new drive that is smaller than the original drive can get tricky as i learned the hard way that you cannot use dd or clonezilla or any cloning software as far as i know because they will copy block for block and in some cases also clone the uuid which you dont want if both drives are staying installed in the same machine. Nov 19, 2019 an easier way to clone larger hard drive to smaller drive. I made a full system image using the windows backup utility. How to clone hdd or sdd using gparted i am a dyedinthewool computer enthusiast and love to experiment with computers both hardware and software.

Helpful features like sector by sector clone and make bootable cd are embedded in this software. You know the basics of clonezilla, gparted, and partitioning. If you are running linux system, you can boot your computer from gparted media. Nov 28, 2012 when you fire up gparted you will see your first drive listed see figure 1. Clonezilla cloning from a large windows drive to a smaller. In this tutorial well refer to a practical example of linux dd command that can be used by system administrators to migrate or clone a windows operating system or a linux os from a larger hdd partitioned in mbr or gpt layout style to a smaller ssd.

Easiest way to clone a disk to a smaller hard drive. For each partition on the source drive, issue the command dd ifdevsdax ofdevsdby. Quickest way to clone windows and windows server disk with. Here are the steps to easily clone a larger hard drive drive1 to a smaller ssd hard drive drive2 for freesomething i do frequently to speed up a pc without purchasing a new one. Gparted is a free partition manager that enables you to resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss. The problem is that the drive s image accounts for the empty space too, since the. Right click the source partition and click shrink volume and follow the wizard to shrink the partition. Ive been using clonezilla, but i noticed it doesnt have support for cloning a disk to a smaller hard drive. May 20, 2015 but i guarantee the acronis software to move a larger partition to a smaller disk, as long as the used space on the source partition will fit on the target drive. Choose localdev and click ok, make sure you have your usb external hard drive plugged in. You have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve gparted. Clone os from hdd to smaller ssd without reinstallation. I found a really good deal on a sandisk extreme 240gb solid state drive, so it only made sense to swap out the hard drive. You can easily clone larger hdd to smaller ssd or clone ssd to larger ssd.

Restore windows server backup into a smaller partition. A clone is an exact copy of the drive so the software copies the partitions of the larger drive onto the smaller drive and readjusts the partitions as necessary. How to clone larger drive to smaller ssd drive with secure. Via gparted i reduced the partition sda1 of the first system to 30gig, so that it can fit all my systems and then copied via ftp to another pc and copy was succesfull i assume no final success message seen in g4l at the end of the ftp however as it justs jumps. If you are trying to fit a bigger old drive onto the new ssd you have to shrink the old partition to a size thats smaller then the new ssd. Note that, this pc clone software only allows cloning the entire disk. Gparted live enables you to use gparted on gnulinux as well as other operating systems, such as windows or mac os x. Its up to the programmers to figure out how to get this done, again ive done it over and over again and never had a problem with other software besides macrium. You need to shrink the free space out of the larger operating system partition or data partition and move any partitions to the right of that to the left so it is all grouped at the front left of the drive and the data used by the collection.

According to my earlier googling, the easiestcommon way to clone a bootable drive is to make an image of the first drive, than to restore the image on the second drive. To effectively use all of this space, you can partition disk drives into separate. Clonezilla cloning from a large windows drive to a. The gparted application is designed to enable you to edit partitions while reducing the risk of data loss. I would like to recover the image to an ssd drive 250 gb, but windows says that the target drive is too small. Using clonezilla to clone from a larger hard drive to a smaller drive officially, clonezilla does not support cloning from a larger hard drive to a smaller one. This is necessary so that the data on the larger drive can fit on the smaller ssdsolid state drive. If you use gparted, you simply boot to the cd, select the hdd and the partition that you want to resize, you drag the magic resize bar and hit go. How to migrate windows 10 from hdd to ssd using clonezilla. How i cloned a large hard drive to a smaller hard drive. Acronis and easus had trouble going from 1tb hdd to 500gb ssd. Clonezilla is the godzilla of cloning software, and the best thing ever. Gparted is a fantastic free tool for copying and resizing disk partitions, but cloning an entire windows disk often requires tweaking boot sectors and records after the partitions are copied and this is not always easy or intuitive.

If you are running linux system, you can boot your computer from gparted. How can i clone an entire drive or partition to a smaller drive or. How to clone larger drive to smaller ssd drive with secure boot. Top 15 best disk cloning software for linux in 2020. Minitool programs help to clone hard drive to smaller ssd.

After copying the different partitions when you reboot, it doesnt work if the target disk is smaller, even if the partitions are identical. On the second occasion i had to move a windows partition and two linux partitions from bigger hdds to a smaller sdd. It lets you clone larger drive to smaller drive directly. While this may seem counterintuitive there are some situations where you may want or need to do this. I would boot into a gparted live cd and resize the partitions from there with. How to clone a linux hard drive with gparted youtube. Powerful software to clone to smaller ssd in windows if you want to clone a larger hdd to a smaller ssd you should consider using aomei backupper standard edition as it is able to reliably clone from a large disk to a smaller disk. As brent nesbitt pointed out, youll want to shrink your volume first. Ive also downloaded gparted, but when i reduce the disk and then take a copy of it, clonezilla wont let me copy that image onto a new computer. Jan 01, 2015 resize the partition using gparted and clone the partition using clonezilla, which is in my opinion the best hard drive cloning software available.

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