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They are also great ways to try out a new technique. I find it best to have the valley stitches on the back needle and the ridge stitches in the front. If you dont have enough yarn to knit a total of 10 inches, go for about 8 inches in length. My mom has made tons of dishcloths but mostly just garter or some variant. The tribble designed by 1870 pearl it could be a bath scrubbie, a pot scrubber, a frisbee or anything you like. Im looking forward to exploring your blog some more. Ive been making tribbles for a few months and like them so much more than dishcloths. Crafts, patterns, diy and handmade ideas from craftgossip. Or you could try knitting with a variety of scraps, still aiming for. Knitting page 270 patterns, projects and techniques. Made from leftover bits and pieces of dishcloth yarn, theyre handy as pot scrubbers and bath scrubbies.

The snowdrop shawl is a lace shawl knit from the bottom point to the top edge, which is finished with an attached icord edge. K all 68 stitches until the piece measures 24 inches from the edge. The one pictured on the right is the kind i have seen. Tribble tutorial wishing i was knitting at the lake. It was so well done, i added a link to it on my blog sidebar and in this post. Knit another pair of corners following the directions above, including the graft. Tawashie face scrubbies knitted tawashi face scrubbies.

I like how this one has the nubbly bits in the middle. The fishing line is just my idea, as i thought it would make a good scrubbie, and it does. We share vintage patterns, provide education and inspiration all about vintage patterns, sewing, crochet, knitting, macrame, and all other needlework. Get ideas for crafts, sewing, knitting, diy around the house with kids, patterns and parties for christmas, halloween, thanksgiving, valentines day. But wait, you still have leftovers, so go back to that stash of leftovers, and knit up a bunch. Several people questioned how i did this, so i will tell you.

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