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The model of multiethnicity acts is a great illustration that ministry with a multiethnic character is not simply some recent fad, but rather a concern deeply rooted in kingdom values. Below is a list of sermons preached in acts along with a short description and reference for each are listed below. The kingdom in the acts excerpts from the ministry of. The background of acts third millennium ministries. It is like the tower of babel inverted, members of one kingdom praising god in an.

Consider acts chapter verses 7 through 12, where pauls ministry was. As demonstrated from the book of acts, paul had an active ministry in rome. Pauls mission and letters from jesus to christ the first. Below are the six major issues of distinction between what peter taught and what paul taught. The book starts with jesus appearing to the disciples to instruct them about the kingdom of god 1. It is like the tower of babel inverted, members of one kingdom praising god in an assortment of languages, symbolizing the impending proclamation to, and inclusion of, the nations of the world in the kingdom of god. Chapter 8 opens with the severe persecution of the church in jerusalem and.

Paul s 3rd missionary journey acts 1821 paul traveled from antioch to phrygia and galatia for the third time. Although approximately half of acts deals with paul s life and works, the book of acts does not refer to paul writing letters. Generally paul and his team which often varied in both numbers and membership stayed in a place only a short time. Peter and the 11 did not complete the bibles canon. Some may not recognize the importance of this line of bible study.

It will help the reader to employ few of paul s method in their respective ministry. Paul taught the kingdom of god in the context of the revelation of the mystery of jesus christ rom 16. The passage most often connected to work in the book of acts is pauls tent making in acts 18. The book of acts closes with paul under house arrest in rome, boldly proclaiming the christian gospel. Alongside of our account of pauls life that we get from the book of acts we also. Pauls missionary strategy in acts part 1 reading acts. Actus apostolorum, often referred to simply as acts, or formally the book of acts, is the fifth book of the new testament. Chronology of apostle paul s journeys and epistles matthew mcgee. Contrary to church tradition, there is nothing in scripture to indicate that the book of the revelation was the last bible book written. Little a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of arts in apologetics liberty baptist college b. An agenda for a viable apologetic methodology by bruce a. Although exact dating can be ventured for only some of the events in paul s life, a fairly reliable sequence of events and even the approximate dating of those events is found in chart 152.

The calling of paul as the apostle to the gentiles by jack w. The last two verses of acts tell us that paul remained two whole years in his own rented dwelling, and welcomed all those coming in to him, proclaiming. It has long been acknowledged as one of the most instructive documents for the knowledge of ancient seamanship. The blue letter bible ministry and the blb institute hold to the historical, conservative christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of scripture. This ending offers important evidence for believing that acts was written before a.

Could you compare and contrast peters ministry and pauls. In the familiar reading, paul earns money by making tents, in order to support himself in his real ministry of witnessing to christ. The bible book of acts provides a comprehensive history of the establishment of the christian congregation and its subsequent expansion. John caprari is a senior undergraduate biblical studies major with an emphasis on pastoral ministry. It is as a result of this synagogue ministry that there is another rejection of the jews, parallel to acts and 28. As with peter see chart 6, the book of acts contains seven speeches of the apostle paul. The apostle paul spent his life proclaiming the risen christ jesus throughout the roman world, often at great personal peril 2 corinthians 11. When they returned to antioch, paul and barnabas were sent out on their first missionary journey acts. He then traveled back to ephesus where he stayed 2 14 years. Though luke is not mentioned by name in the book of acts, his association with paul can be established by a detailed argument showing that he is the author of the narrative.

An orienting vocation for the kingdom of god acts 1. As previously noted, the book of acts gives us a historical look at pauls life and times. It was paul s mission activities acts 28 that contributed remarkably towards the christian churchs move from the limited sphere of judaism to the broader frame. Acts records how the early church grew in jerusalem and then.

It is assumed that paul died a martyrs death in the midtolate ad 60s in rome. The apostle spends at least eighteen months there acts 18. Paul began these travels in galatia and phrygia, likely visiting lystra, derbe, iconium, and antioch, among. And the book ends with paul in rome, preaching the kingdom of god and. Pauls apostolic ministry in acts forget the channel. When paul preached the gospel of the grace of god, peters gospel of the kingdom to israel was limited to the circumcision. Paul s mission strategies in the book of acts will enable the christian ministers to carry out the mission of god in better way. Bruce, the book of acts, revised edition grand rapids. Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of god and taught about the lord jesus christ acts 28. For example the book of acts relates that when the apostle paul came to a new town. One piece of evidence suggesting this is that acts never directly quotes from the pauline epistles. Jesus teaches his disciples about the kingdom of god acts 1.

During the book of acts, why did the apostle paul heal the sick, raise. Ministry partnerships are essential for creating durable ministry and sustaining those in ministry. By the use of first person pronouns in the historical record, his movements may be traced cf. As usual, paul attends the synagogue meetings in the city and argues that jesus is the messiah. Everyone believed him to be dead but paul revived him and the. Langford may, 2007 introduction one important key to studying the beginnings of the christian church as recorded in the book of acts is to observe the unique calling and ministry of the apostle paul.

In comparison, lets look at the differences in peters and pauls ministries. From all we know of him, he was an intense and supremely motivated man, both before and after his conversion on the way to damascus acts 9. In 122 verses, paul addresses jews in antioch, jerusalem, and rome. When peter taught the kingdom gospel at pentecost, saul was rejecting the messiah. This is the real beginning of pauls ministry of the preaching of what he called the gospel of christ. The book of acts and the epistles of paul sometimes tell us the length of time between one event and another. Charts 152 to 153 the book of acts provides an excellent outline of many parts of paul s ministry. Historians believe that the author of acts did not have access to any of paul s letters. The sermons recorded in acts give us a window into the preaching ministries of peter, stephen, philip, james, and paul, along with the immediate impact those sermons had. Acts 19 tpt the apostle paul in ephesus while bible.

In his gospel, luke described the foundation that jesus laid for the kingdom during. In my former book, theophilus, i wrote about all that jesus began to do and to teach, writes luke, at the beginning of his second volume acts 1. Acts begins with jesus teaching the apostles about the kingdom of god outside jerusalem, and ends, about thirty years later, with paul teaching gentile christians about the kingdom of god in rome. The book of acts begins with a postresurrection interaction between jesus and his disciples. Written by the physician luke, it presents a dynamic account of christian activity over a. First, lukes description of paul s ministry stops short of a crucial event that took place in a. An example can be seen by comparing actss accounts of pauls conversion acts 9. Gods reconciliation of heaven is unheard of until pauls ministry. Corinth is a key center for pauls missionary activity in the book of acts. Pauls missionary strategy in acts part 1 this is the third set of guest posts from my advanced studies in acts class. A chronological study of pauls ministry xenos christian. The acts of the apostles often referred to simply as acts, or formally the book of acts, is the fifth book of the new testament. Luke wrote of the acts of the 12 apostles from acts 112, then of paul and others from acts 28. For example the book of acts relates that when the apostle paul came to a.

Since the text and audio content provided by blb represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not. If we are to be equipped for being partners and collaborators in kingdom ministry, and being confidence in that, we need to attend to the teaching of jesus and the apostles see acts 2. This ministry is more successful when silas and timothy catch up to paul, allowing him to devote himself to preaching. The ministries of peter and paul amazing grace bible. Apostle paul passionate discipleship, a free email. We focus on how god deals with those who have never heard. Pauls mission strategies in the light of book of acts. So paul, the dominant figure of the latter part of acts, is presented as one who continues and fulfils. The book of acts begins and ends with the kingdom of god. Apologetics and the apostle paul in the book of acts. Although this passage is familiar, it is often understood too narrowly. Paul preaches in athens, then travels to corinth for a long and successful ministry. Why is there no great emphasis on pauls gentile ministry or ministry in.

After the ephesian ministry, he sailed to macedonia, and went by foot to greece including a second stop at corinthii cor. The apostle paul wrote the final book of the scriptures. A list of sermons in the book of acts leadership resources. The kingdom of god can refer to dominions in heavenly places col 1. When it came to writing the book of acts, luke similarly had opportunity to interview many eyewitnesses. Paul taught the kingdom of god, but he did not offer davids earthly kingdom to israel, nor to gentiles. They respond with a question about establishing a sociopolitical kingdom, lord, is this the time when you will restore the kingdom to israel. The book of acts tells the story of the beginning of the church of jesus christ. And it ends with the apostle paul in the heart of the capital city of the roman empire, proclaiming the kingdom of god and teaching about the lord jesus christ with all. When paul was in rome, he talked to people about the kingdom of god acts 28. Not every passage below quotes the preachers sermon. The account of pauls corinthian ministry in the book of acts acts 18.

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